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Rui G.

"The entire Team at the Koolik Group made the purchase of our first home a very easy process to navigate through. Everyone was extremely professional, efficient and, most of all, always looking after our best interest throughout the entire process. Amazing job! Thank you."

Luxy & Eugene Z.

"My wife and I live in New Jersey and we decided to buy a second house in Florida. We think it was our lucky chance when Compass recommended us to contact Hillary Siegal. After one phone conversation and a few emails we had about 15 homes lined up for our trip to Boca Raton / Delray area. Each home matches our requirements as our future home. Thanks to her vast networking she managed to show us a home that was not yet on the market. We absolutely fell in love with this house and made an offer later that day! The entire process from start to finish was smooth and professional. Hillary was in constant contact with the listing agent and even with the owner during the contract negotiation helping us to get a better deal. Her ability through the contract agreement, inspection and final closing details was outstanding!  

Hillary has always answered every call or email no matter what time of day or night it was. We greatly appreciated and respected her professionalism, knowledge, honesty. She helped us not only bought the house but recommended experience contractors to remodel our house, service our pool and do landscaping. 

Hillary has not only become our realtor she is a dear friend of our family. Hillary, you are the best! We can’t thank you enough for helping us find our new home in Boca! Thank you!  

Hillary has our highest recommendation! We already recommended her to one of our friends who is looking for the house in Boca."

Dr. Scott & Penny

"We can’t say enough about the personalized care we received from Hilary Siegal & her team at The Koolik Group & Compass.  

First we had a meeting with Elliot Koolik to examine our needs as we were moving from out of state which had so many moving parts. He listened carefully and digested all our requirements & created a plan of action regarding timing to find a rental home in a desirable location for us to relocate.  

He then assigned us to his team member Hillary Siegal. Hillary was extremely proactive and determined to help us find a rental that would work for us.  She facetimed us from every home site and truly gave us her honest opinion. We felt she was looking at homes for us as if she was looking at homes for her own family. Her attention to even the smallest details of the home sites was very impressive.  

There were lots of ups and down’s throughout the process of securing our rental home during this crazy market.  Hillary was not only great to work with, but was very responsive to all our text messages and phone calls. Being from out of state this was beyond comforting.  

Hillary’s knowledge of the market, persistence, and dedication was what helped us find our new home!!  

We highly recommend Hillary Siegal and the entire Koolik Group at Compass."

Robert & Jennifer T.

"We were introduced to Elliot by some friends of ours that live in Woodfield. Elliot was unbelievably good, not just good. He found us an off-market rental, and then he found us an off-market house to buy. Our initial concerns were how do we wrestle this down and make sure we can get the house we want to buy, especially in a market like this. His strategies around all of that were A+, and he made sure we were able to find the home we wanted."

Jonathan & Cecelia G.

"Elliot's really good at what he does, and he's a very considerate, kind person. He and his team laid out all of the steps to make the process easier for me. Elliot is a great guy, and he has a great team to back him up. I would give five stars to everyone working with the Kooliks."

Steven O.

"The overall experience was simply great. From the quick response when I called Elliot to negotiating a higher than list price to assistance with cleaning out and moving the contents of the house to closing, all went incredibly smoothly. In particular, having the all-inclusive services of Sandy really made a big difference in making this process manageable. I really have very little in the way to constructive advice to give since it was pretty much flawless. If anything maybe just having someone from Koolik more involved in the closing process could be helpful for older people or people less financially oriented. I did not find anything lacking, but having to deal with the closing process could be a little intimidating to some. Sorry, can’t say much when it went so well."

Dan N.
(Buyer & Seller)

"Elliot, Wendy, and their impressive team helped me sell my home, buy a new house and rent a lovely place while my new home was being renovated. They provided highly personalized services that made the transactions and transitions seamless. Truly a class act and a team I would both use again and not hesitate to recommend to my inner circle in the future."

Dale P.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"Elliot and Wendy were so thorough, despite the fact that only two buildings truly matched my husband and my criteria for our next home, the Kooliks still looked at every building in case of hidden gems. They didn’t want to miss a thing. The Kooliks are truly outstanding- everything they do is outstanding. They kept me organized and focused and never wasted any time. They did their homework. They knew every detail about a property before we even walked in. Elliot and Wendy are people you can trust- what they’re gonna tell you is the truth. After over thirty years of experience, they know better than anybody about this real estate market. They have an amazing reputation, and they more than live up to it. They are wonderful people to work with, and wonderful people to know. They are intelligent and great negotiators, but most importantly, in this market, they are the best."

Alyce D.
(Seller, Boca Raton)

"Elliot Koolik and the Koolik Group staff are really fabulous! Elliot recently sold my home within a few days after listing it! He is dedicated and passionate about what he does - extremely knowledgeable and explained everything to me regarding every aspect of a real estate transaction. He and his team were so supportive, always available to answer any and all questions - they kept me informed every step of the way, and promptly dealt with any issues that arose during the process, giving great advice, for which I was very grateful. It was truly a pleasure working with Elliot - I was so happy with my experience that I am now working with him to buy a new home!"

Marisa P.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"When asked how happy I was when I worked with Wendy and Elliot, the answer is: simply overjoyed. When I first saw the townhouse I purchased it was at the suggestion of my daughter, who had previewed it first. At her prompting I made an appointment to view it and I fell in love immediately. Wendy was wonderful, always there, giving the right suggestion and not too overpowering to make the sale. Once the terms were agreed upon, Elliot came and made the process a smooth and non stressful experience. I have purchased many homes in the past, none as easy as this was. I am certain that when I am ready to purchase again, the Koolik's will hear from me."

Amy N.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"I feel so fortunate to have worked with The Koolik Group while searching for and purchasing my new home in Woodfield Country Club. The team is comprised of seasoned and knowledgeable professionals, that are also warm, personable, and extremely responsive. They understood and delivered on my needs and guided me every step of the way, making the purchase process as smooth as possible. My children and I are absolutely in love with our new home! Thank you again to Elliot Koolik and The Koolik Group team for being such a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend this group to anyone searching for a new home."

Alice D.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"I worked with Elliot Koolik and staff when I sold my home in October 2019 and most recently to buy a new home. They really listen and understand their client's needs and within a couple of weeks they helped me find my dream home! Elliot, Wendy, Steve and Evelin were always available to answer any questions I might have and made the entire process stress free. I highly recommend The Koolik Group whether you are selling or buying a home - they are great to work with!"

Jeff & Susan T.
(Buyer & Seller, Boca Raton)

"Elliot Koolik and his team at The Koolik Group at Compass helped guide us in a very complex transaction like no other Real Estate Agency could or would. We purchased a home that was in the final stages of a 2-year gut renovation with 3 months till completion. Lots of things could have gone wrong. But they didn’t! The professionals who work at The Koolik Group at Compass got us across the finish line. I don’t think you could find a company with more experience anywhere in our market."

Milton P.
(Buyer & Seller, New York & Boca Raton)

"I have had a great experience with Elliot and his team here. They work symbiotically. It’s impressive and emotionally intelligent. Fun too. Elliot and I were discussing enhancing the Compass Private Client differentiation elements that can drive competitive advantage and revenue for your global network. Technology is great, yet we all know humanity far more effective, and it can be scaled and networked brilliantly."

Kenneth R.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"Elliot and Wendy were wonderful to work with. They were patient and helped us find the perfect house for our family. When it came time to negotiate, they were avid advocates for us. We can not say enough how appreciative and satisfied we are with everything they were able to accomplish for us. They were also a great resource to help us learn more about the local community and available resources."

Helene Z.
(Buyer & Seller, Boca Raton)

"My experience with Wendy and Elliot was amazing. They treated me as they would a family member and I very much appreciated that. When my financial situation changed after my husband died they helped me to realize the change in my needs were. We looked at smaller homes and broadened our search. I’m not sorry for the decision we made for me to move to Broken Sound."

Lisa F.
(Buyer & Seller, Boca Raton)

"Working with The Koolik Group really makes buying a home a pleasure. Their experience and expertise in moving everything forward was outstanding on all levels. Their quality doesn't stop at Elliot & Wendy, it was carried on behind the scenes by the operations manager, Evelin Urcuyo. Her excellence keeping the client happy is only second to her efficiency of getting things done."

Alan G.
(Buyer & Seller, Boca Raton)

"I chose Elliot and Wendy because my parents knew them. What really stood out was how much they cared. I would recommend them, because they’re trustworthy and helpful and caring. They’re truly a pleasure to work with. You feel like they’re family."

Edward L.
(Buyer, Delray Beach)

"I would highly recommend Elliot for buying and selling your home! He is exceptional at what he does. He has an exuberant amount of patience and is extremely knowledgeable!"

Isaac & Della B.

"We met Ellen on a whim. Lifelong homeowners in Westchester, we weren’t even in the market for a Manhattan home when we met. We had tagged along with a close friend who was perennially in the market for a better Manhattan apartment. Ellen was helping her in that quest. It turned out that none of us liked that one-bedroom, but in the process Ellen helped us reframe our perceptions. In a gentle way, she radically changed everything we thought we knew about New York real estate.

Where we once thought living in Manhattan was an improbable dream, now we could actually imagine moving there. In the process that started on those brownstone steps outside that apartment, Ellen had nurtured in us, and begun the seedwork to make that dream possible. She had connected us with a mortgage broker (Surprise! It turned out we actually could afford moving house), began to understand the ideal space we would be looking for, and started a rich and informative conversation about how Manhattan real estate worked.

Ellen communed with us, and we began a series of well-thought-out field trips designed to identify what kind of neighborhood we’d be happiest in, what locations met our transportation needs, where the services we would rely on could be accessed easiest. We went to open houses on our own, to ones that she earmarked for us, and to others by her invitation. She assigned “homework” where we’d fill her in on our impressions, what we liked and disliked, and wished for when we saw apartments without her. All along, she was crafting a better understanding of what constituted our “ideal” place. Both “hits” and “misses” were constructive experiences that built our combined knowledge in the quest for the perfect Manhattan apartment.

We were looking for a place that could accommodate ourselves, our adult daughter, and my wife’s octogenarian mother. All this was factored into Ellen’s mind as she scoured the city for potential places for us to land. Additionally, her extensive experience and knowledge helped us envision what was a reasonable set of expectations for remodelling apartments to meet our complex needs. With her insights, we were able to put dollar amounts to these potential renovations to keep us within budget. She had an uncanny sense of the real estate market forces and what was a good value, versus what was inflated hubris. She also understood the differences between condo and co-op buildings and the pros and cons of the economics of each.

When we finally found a place we all loved, Ellen kept us in the game, guiding us in the bidding process. She suggested the novel idea of writing a letter to the sellers. She was crucial in our attempts to suss out the politics of condo boards, and in identifying and helping us to neutralize the sour communications of a particularly difficult real estate agent representing the sellers.

Ultimately our situation was complicated by the fact that we needed to sell our house to make the finances work before we could buy the apartment we found. Negotiating on our behalf, Ellen worked out (unusual for New York City’s real estate market) a rent-to-own agreement with the sellers. And when the condo board balked at the original financial package, Ellen connected with our mortgage banker and us and revised the financing package and got the board to sign off on it and enables the sellers accept our revised offer. In the end, we had two closings two days apart, and we were finally the proud owners of a new apartment into which we had moved six weeks earlier.

Throughout this real estate transformation on our part, Ellen was a resource, a coach, a cheerleader, and a friend. Her warmth, her sincerity, and her extensive knowledge and experience made her the ideal team player in our real estate move. We cannot imagine making the transition we did without her. She was reliable and invaluable throughout what would have otherwise have been a heart-wrenching, exhausting, and at times maddening process. She often told us when all was said and done, that we would be able to refer to our new place as “Home Sweet Home.” Over the seven months that have elapsed since closing on our ideal Manhattan apartment, we can’t imagine being anywhere else."

Nancy R.

"This is my personal testimony to the wonderful, expert and professional service we received from Ms. Ellen Klein during the search process for our Manhattan apartment. Having made the decision we would “downsize” and move after many years in Westchester to Manhattan, I contacted Ellen, who was the selling broker on an apartment I had seen advertised. As it turned out, that particular apartment was taken off the market; however, I became very interested in the building where it was located (Astor Terrace Condominium) and I continued to stay in touch with Ellen, and asked her to let me know about future listings at Astor Terrace. From the moment I met her, she displayed qualities that were appealing to me in a real estate agent:

(1) Great interest in understanding exactly what we were looking for
(2) Great interest in determining our exact budget and then an ability to stay within that budget
(3) Knowledge of inventory-what was on the market, what was coming on the market, etc.
(4) Many years of experience in the real estate industry
(5) Good contacts within the real estate industry and all the related fields (She recommended the person that because our real estate attorney, the company we used for title insurance and many of the vendors we used when renovating and moving).
(6) Great patience.

Together we looked at everything that became available at Astor Terrace, and to Ellen’s credit she also took me to many similar buildings which helped to cement my desire to move to Astor Terrace. All of this took a great deal of time, but Ellen was willing to spend that time, so together we could reach the goal of finding the perfect new home for us. And she did. We finally looked at a high floor apartment with East River views and from the moment I walked in, I felt we had found our new home. Ellen helped immensely with the whole purchase process – the bidding, the agreement, the applications and paperwork, etc., and I am convinced we would not have been successful in purchasing this apartment without her. I am very grateful to her for her wonderful expertise and assistance and would recommend her to the highest degree."

Hindola K.

"Ellen Klein was nothing short of superb as my realtor. I wanted to position myself in the market competitively, so that I would turn a justified profit and sell in a reasonable time frame. Ellen made it all happen, from the first conversation to the closing. We created an online web presence, Ellen ran Open Houses, I had several serious bids within 2 weeks, the contracts were signed, and the closing happened as quickly as the finance piece could manage. The process was seamless, painless, and nothing short of miraculous. Ellen is efficient, she is seasoned, but most of all cares about her clients. Thank you Ellen!"

Michele L.
(Buyer Representative, Miami)

"I met Lindsey at the onset of this transaction. I was immediately impressed with her responsiveness and follow-through. My esteem for her just grew as the transaction progressed. Lindsey went above and beyond, anticipating needs and then addressing them. As unexpected problems arose, Lindsey was able to navigate to a solution. She is extremely helpful, knowledgeable, organized, and professional. I hope my clients and I are fortunate to work with her again. I have been practicing law for 34 years. During that time I have worked with many realtors and have not had the burning desire to publicly post how pleased I am with a particular realtor. I feel very differently about Lindsey. She made the transaction work for the buyer as well as the seller. In short, Lindsey is excellent."

Deborah K.
(Buyer & Seller)

"Innovative, classy, interesting, and helpful!"

John P.
(Seller, Boca Raton)

"I used the Koolik at Compass to sell my house in Cambridge Park, a subdivision of Woodfield Country Club. The main advantages which I believe the group brings to bear to selling a house is the group effort. I had a team working to sell my house which meant multiple people showed my house both male and female agents, which provided recommendations from both a male viewpoint and a female viewpoint on how best to show my house. Also I had a point of contact (POC) to call with my questions – an office manager that was always available to answer my questions and provide information. I could call the agent showing the house but if the agent was showing another house, they might be able to answer your questions at that time, whereas the POC – office manager was always available. Furthermore, every agent after showing my house sent a text message on the results of the showing and the impressions of the prospective buyer, which was helpful feedback during the selling process. I was very happy and pleased with the service The Koolik Group at Compass provided in selling my house."


"Lindsey has been an integral part of my journey as a first time home buyer. From our first phone conversation, she took the time to introduce herself and listen to my needs to really get a sense of what my wishes are and how she can best serve my needs. My situation as a full-time medical student was a little more complicated than any realtor is probably used to, but Lindsey quickly eased my concerns and put me in touch with people to discuss how to get loan approval. Once I secured approval from a lender we were able to view different homes. Her Compass platform and our shared dashboard were extremely nice, as I was able to comment and mention specific things about homes and locations that I liked and disliked. She was able to schedule showings within a week at my request, and we had three on the same day which I am extremely grateful for! One of those ended up being a perfect choice, and so after weighing the pros and cons we decided I would put in an offer. Lindsey was supportive of all of my decisions and demands, and every step of the way helped discuss and explain to me what needed to be done in order to move forward, including the timeline and amounts due. We were lucky enough to have an easy time negotiating with the seller, partially due to Lindsey’s sweet and likable nature, and our thorough understanding of the inspection report. Once the deal went hard it was all Lindsey’s effort to coordinate with the title agency, lender, and seller the final arrangements, and that was no small feat! I am so eternally grateful for Lindsey’s easygoing nature and willingness to work with me and my requests, and humor all my silly questions and stresses. I know that in the future she will be able to help so many fulfill their wildest most unimaginable dreams, as she did for me!"

Jenny E.
(Buyer & Seller, Delray Beach)

"We used Robyn Rosen to both sell our existing home and purchase our new one. We had a wonderful experience working with her. Robyn’s professionalism, knowledge and work ethic were most impressive. She went above and beyond to make sure we were always making the best decisions for our family. We appreciated her patience and round the clock accessibility. We have already referred many friends and family to Robyn and will continue to do so."

Barbara S.
(Seller, Boca Raton)

"Robyn was the most knowledgeable and helpful real estate broker I could have hoped for; especially because we were from out of town, and were unfamiliar with the areas that we were looking to purchase a home in. She was honest, and realistic is assisting us in what was the best fit for our needs and budget. The most important aspect of working with Robyn was that she was always available no matter what day or time to consult with. We always had our questions and concerns answered and felt secure in the fact that we chose the right person to help us find our new home. She has since become a friend, and someone I have recommended to other people!"

Alex L.
(Seller, Boca Raton)

"Robyn Rosen did an excellent job helping us sell our house. With her local market expertise she helped us price the home appropriately and did a very thorough job with marketing. We generated an above normal number of viewings which she covered in most cases personally (no lock box). She was instrumental in helping us with with the offer and inspection process. We closed the quickly and without issue for a price in our target range. I would strongly recommend Robyn as a realtor."

Madelyn B.
(Seller, Boca Raton)

"Robyn was highly recommended to us by a friend and she did not disappoint; a true blessing! Robyn was very knowledgeable, professional and honest. Super friendly to work with too. She always kept us informed and used her expertise to give us the best service and advice. Robin always went above an beyond to show our home and find the best buyer for us. She did what it seemed at some point impossible to us, she sold our house! We highly recommend Robyn to anyone who wants a great experience selling their property."

Jim & Janet E.
(Seller, Boca Raton)

"Robyn’s approach in selling our home was very professional. Her knowledge of the market and her advice in preparing our home for the listing was invaluable. She represented us and accomplished our goals at the highest level of performance. We would absolutely recommend Robyn to anyone and consider her a very trusted associate. She also assisted us in locating a home to rent. Thanks to her efforts we found our next dream home! Thanks Robyn for everything!"

Tricia E.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"Robyn is one of the BEST! Her knowledge of the area and the homes is priceless. She took us to several homes within our designated area and price range until we found the right one. Robyn’s desire to know her clients and their needs makes it a very simple and trustworthy relationship! She represented us as buyers and ensured we were happy. From beginning to end, the process was streamlined and stress free! Best of the Best!"

Alida B.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"I highly recommend Alison Corwin for any real estate transaction. She helped us purchase our condo in Florida. We are from Canada so it was so helpful to have an agent that we can trust. She is knowledgeable, readily available and a great advocate for our needs. I have worked with many agents in Canada but she is the best. She is a kind person and a pleasure to work with with. I recommend Alison as she is amazing!"

Brooke A.
(Buyer, New York & Boca Raton)

"Alison made my move from NY to Florida, not only seamless, but enjoyable! She is an expert in the South Florida area, knew the answer to every question I had, made me feel 100% comfortable about the process and most importantly, was always available when I needed her (which was often!). I could not recommend her more highly when looking for your next home in South Florida."

David & Tamara K.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"Our search for a great home came to fruition only because of the sage like advice proffered by the multi generational Koolik group. They advised us that our geographic area was too limited and they were correct. We greatly appreciated their guidance and experience and love our new house."

Heather H.
(Buyer, Boynton Beach)

"Robyn is a true professional who we were lucky to have guide us through the process of buying in a new construction community. She handled difficult situations with both the builder and lender and we wouldn’t be in our new home today without her."

Joan F.
(Buyer & Seller)

"They are very personable and caring, but most of all they’re genuine. They truly care about their clients. They were really really focused and compassionate on helping me find the right home."

Maddy A.
(Buyer, Boca Raton)

"Robyn is the most professional, knowledgeable, supportive, comforting person to work with. She handled selling my home and buying another (with a time crunch) with ease. Couldn’t have done it without her."

Gloria & Jack S.

"Elliot and team were excellent - great local knowledge of the market, highly adept at the negotiation process as we made our offer and generally v responsive and supportive throughout.  I've been recommending them to anyone moving to the Boca / Delray area."