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  • Our Must-Try Pies of 2019

    Get your whipped cream ready, because we've made a list of the best pies to try this holiday season. Each one more delicious than the last!

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  • The 6 Key Tax Benefits to Owning a Home

    Buying a house is a big commitment. 40% of Americans say buying a new home is the most stressful event in modern life (Home.com). That being said, there are aspects to owning a home that might reduce stress...can anyone say "tax break?"

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  • Meet Sandy 👋🏻

    We've told you about Compass Concierge. Now, meet Sandy.

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  • What to see, do and eat in West Palm Beach 🛍

    Living in Boca Raton, we don't just enjoy the luxuries of Mizner Park and A1A. Being centrally located in between Miami and West Palm Beach, we get to enjoy the complete spectrum of the South Florida lifestyle. For a more relaxed day trip, we enjoy visiting our neighbors to the north. West Palm Beach has a diverse collection of restaurants, shops and sights, so, we narrowed down our top five in each category.

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  • Boca Beach Clean Up

    We believe in providing homes for all Floridians, including our reptilian neighbors, the sea turtle!

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  • What is an "As Is" contract?

    What does an "as is" contract mean? How does it compare to the standard contract? Which one is better? Find out here!

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  • Smart Homes: the who, what, where, why, and how (much)

    Gone are the days where just the technologically savvy are turning their houses into smart homes. With the evolution of computers, cellphones, et al, it was only a matter of time until our homes became smart, as well.

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  • How to have fun hunkering down

    Our tips for a better (more enjoyable) hurricane

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  • Homestead Tax Exemption for Dummies

    Homestead tax exemptions exempt a certain dollar amount or percentage of home value from property taxes. They’re called "homestead" exemptions because they apply to primary residences, not rental properties or investment properties.

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  • In Crust We Trust: Boca's Best Slice

    'I love pizza, meaning: Even when I'm in the middle of eating pizza, I wish I were eating pizza.'

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