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  • Impact windows vs Hurricane Shutters

    It’s Spring in South Florida, which means hurricane season is looming quietly around the corner. While in Boca we’ve been lucky for the past few years to avoid any major hurricanes, it can still provide protection and peace of mind to know you have either shutters or impact windows at the ready in the event of severe weather.

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  • Things You Should Know Before Moving to Boca Raton

    Boca Raton is one of the best places to live in sunny South Florida. With our year round beach weather, top-rated restaurants and shops, and vibrant community, there’s truly something for everyone to enjoy here. To help show our love for the place we call home, and to assist others looking to move here, we put together this list of the things we think you should know before moving to Boca Raton!

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  • Team Spotlight: Women's History Month

    March 1st marked the beginning of Women’s History Month, and we think it’s only appropriate to highlight some of the women on our team who are so integral to our team’s success.

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  • WFH Productivity and Preventing Burnout

    In the past year, many things have changed. One of the biggest changes for a lot of people has been the shift to working primarily from home rather than an office (in the case of non-essential workers). Even though those of us who have been working from home have been doing so for some time now, it can still feel difficult to keep up productivity when working from home. We asked our agents to share their WFH setups with us, along with their best productivity tips, so that we can share that knowledge with you!

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  • The Best Local Restaurants from Delray to Boca, Miami, and Beyond

    We asked our team what their favorite spots around South Florida were, in the hopes that we can introduce you to your new favorite spot, or just provide you with a fun new experience to break out of your routine!

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  • How to Craft the Perfect Cheeseboard

    With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching, now is the time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate (if you haven’t already!) For us, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to craft that cheeseboard/charcuterie spread you’ve been wanting to try your hand at.

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  • Working Out From Home (WOFH)

    It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living and working and adapting constantly to life during a pandemic for nearly a full year now. Even though many of us might have our routines down pat, there are still many things that have been difficult to adapt to when at home, such as working from home, figuring out means to entertain ourselves, and staying fit and healthy from home.

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  • Famous Faces As New Neighbors?

    It's no secret to us that South Florida is truly the place to be these days, with its myriad tax benefits, year-round beautiful weather, plenty to do from coast to coast, and gorgeous scenery no matter where you go. But it seems more and more often lately that those of the celebrity class are discovering what South Florida has to offer, and deciding to either buy an extra property in this slice of heaven, or even moving down here and changing their primary residence.

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  • 5 Day Trips to Help Break Out of Your Routine

    Staying at home day after day can start to feel stifling, and we’ve been doing it for almost a year now! Most of us by now have found little ways to get out of the house safely to keep from getting stir crazy, but today we wanted to provide you with a few Florida day trips for when you really want a change of scenery! From racing to shopping, to gardens, this list has something for everyone.

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  • The Koolik Group Recommends...

    Since it is the goal of many to read more in 2021, and books can be integral in achieving some of our other New Year’s resolutions, we reached out to our team to see what they’re reading in the New Year! The books vary greatly, so there’s something for everyone on this list!

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