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  • 5 Day Trips to Help Break Out of Your Routine

    Staying at home day after day can start to feel stifling, and we’ve been doing it for almost a year now! Most of us by now have found little ways to get out of the house safely to keep from getting stir crazy, but today we wanted to provide you with a few Florida day trips for when you really want a change of scenery! From racing to shopping, to gardens, this list has something for everyone.

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  • The Koolik Group Recommends...

    Since it is the goal of many to read more in 2021, and books can be integral in achieving some of our other New Year’s resolutions, we reached out to our team to see what they’re reading in the New Year! The books vary greatly, so there’s something for everyone on this list!

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  • New Year, New Resolutions

    2020 has come and gone, and we’ve begun a fresh new year! With new years come new plans, new dreams, and new resolutions. The New Year’s resolution is nothing new, but in 2021, we’d like to take a different approach to the time-honored tradition.

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  • Here's To the New Year

    2020 has been an insane year from start to finish, and it’s still not quite over yet. While we’ve been living with COVID-19 and it’s myriad of hardships ever-present in the background, it’s been heartening to watch our communities come together and produce a glimmer of light in the dark.

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  • "The Best Latke Hack Ever"

    Hanukkah is officially here, and to celebrate the holiday, we wanted to share a recipe from our very own agent Layne Kramer, called “The Best Latke Hack Ever”:

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  • 6 Socially Distant Activities to Combat COVID Boredom

    The pandemic has been in full swing for almost an entire year now (we know, it feels like at least 5-10 years have passed since March) and it’s been easy for us to fall into a rut with our daily activities.

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  • 12 recipes Perfect for Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving

    Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and even though it will be different this year without the big family gatherings and Friendsgivings, this year you get the chance to experiment with your recipes, and perhaps even try something new. To give you some inspiration, we pulled together 12 recipes worth trying this Thanksgiving!

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  • The 10 Best Local Restaurants for Takeout and Delivery

    One of the easiest ways to feel connected with friends and family has always been to share a meal with them. These days not all of us can be together to enjoy a meal, be it home cooked or from a restaurant, so we decided to put a list together of local restaurants that offer takeout or delivery, so you can enjoy the same food together, even if you’re not at the same table.

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  • Staying Healthy at Home

    COVID-19 has meant that we can’t go out to eat or go out to the gym as often (or perhaps, at all) compared to our usual routines pre-pandemic. Staying at home has led to more eating in, or in some cases more stress eating, than is normal for us.

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  • Fun Floridian Fall Activities

    Halloween is upon us, there’s a (slight) chill in the air, leaves are vacating their branches, it must be Fall in South Florida! We know it might feel different this year due to all the madness of 2020, but we’d like to take a moment to provide you with a brief respite; As the Autumnal season goes on, here are some fun activities for you, and your friends or family of all ages to enjoy!

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